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I believe clients can’t be lumped into a single bucket. There are differing level of experience and requirements. First-time buyers need a lot more hand-holding.  Investors want lots of data.  Most want transactional help, lots of interpretation of documents and help with the hard decisions.

On the other hand, the simplistic look at sellers is that they just want to sell their home quickly and at the highest dollar amount possible. While that holds true, they still want good marketing knowing that the Internet has changed the game.

Real estate agents must help consumers to know what we do and value our services. If you share the same view, I would love to be your Real Estate Agent.

Veann's customer service is excellent. She is very knowledgable in the property market. She is also able to analyze and recommend the best option to me. Responsive and reliable. I would recommend her service to other friends.

Tan Choon Hong, Buyer

Veann was very diligent and direct. She saved us time, and better managed our expectations, by going straight to the point, highlighting the real risks and options available to mitigate them. I highly recommend.

Rodrigo Paula, Buyer

Veann went above and beyond to help with all aspects of my property finding from finding a place, answering questions, negotiations, and helping settle in. She was always very responsive and I’m so appreciative!

David Yakowitz, Buyer

Veann has been very helpful throughout the whole process. She was patient in answering questions and was available throughout. She was quick to respond to queries and provided useful information. She is someone who goes above and beyond to fit our work schedules. We have been very happy with her service thus far.

Gretchen, Tenant

Veann is an excellent property agent who is not only knowledgeable, professional and extremely customer oriented. She also possess an analytical skill (a rare find amongst property agents) where she analyzes your property needs (so be new home purchase or leasing) from the angle of both macro and micro environment along with her short and mid-term view. I would use Veann for all of my real estate transactions and recommend her to anyone who is looking for a property agent.

Gina Chiang, Landlord

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