Make no mistake about it: when you’re selling your house, potential buyers want to see everything

Decluttering is the fastest and easiest way to achieve that impression of huge spaces – no renovations needed!

Ideally you want to create the look of the lifestyle that your buyers will be aspiring to – both in the marketing pictures and for viewings. This is rarely a “lived in” house – much more likely to be a “show home” feel.

Key to achieving this look is to maximise both space and layout. Space sells. Simple.

When you take your personality out of your home, you leave more room for the buyer to imagine themselves living there. And that’s what you want.

Feel impossible to declutter? Let’s look at Virtual Staging

When you are still living in the home, we understand for practical reasons it is not possible for it to be spotless and clutter free.

We love technology. And we use that (with a little aesthetic sense) to help you captivate a buyer’s attention by giving the place a complete revamp. No renovations needed.

Let us help you with our keen eye!